Butyl Diglyme

Solvent for Grignard Reactions
As an inert, aprotic and polar compound, butyl diglyme is an excellent solvent for Grignard reactions. Unlike the other methyl end-capped Glymes it is not miscible with water. This allows for easy work up procedures in Grignard reactions and metalorganic reactions in general. Another great advantage of DBDG is that it has high solvency for MgCl2 with is formed as by-product in Grignard reactions. This facilitates the separation of the desired reaction product. The high flash point of butyl diglyme makes Grignard reactions easy to handle even in industrial scale. Hence, it is an excellent replacement for solvents like THF (tetrahydrofurane) and diethyl ether. Unlike THF and diethyl ether, butyl diglyme is not considered as a VOC and ,thus, provides an environmentally friendly alternative to the standard solvents.

Butyl diglyme acts as chelate ligand for the organo-magnesium species and stabilizes the intermediate. This results in higher yields because of more selective reactions and also facilitates the reaction initiation of Grignards.

Methyl magnesium chloride can be prepared directly from methyl chloride and magnesium in butyl diglyme affording a clear 2.5 M solution of MeMgCl. This is due to the high solubility of MeCl gas in DBDG.
Organo-magnesium chlorides like allyl magnesium chloride can easily be coupled in butyl diglyme in a Wurtz-type reaction.

Reacting allyl chloride and Mg in butyl diglyme solvent affords 1.5-hexadiene in high yields.

If immisicibility of the solvent with water is not required, we recommend Monoglyme or Diglyme as solvent for Grignard reactions. These solvents perform very well and have a lower boiling point than butyl diglyme, which in some cases is preferable.

Solvent for Gold Extraction and Gold Recovery

It is well documented that butyl diglyme is an excellent solvent for the extraction of Gold (III) salts from aqueous acid-leached gold solutions. Butyl diglyme is very selective for gold(III) salts like HAuCl4 and results in nearly quantitative yields of high purity gold (>99.9%). It acts as a so-called "gold collector". Butyl diglyme provides a clean separation from Ag, Cu and from the platinum-group metals like palladium and platinum. The extraction process involves generating gold(III)chloride using aqua regia followed by reduction of the auric acid - butyl diglyme complex with hydrogen peroxide or, hydroxyl amine or hydrazine.

In the same way gold is recovered from computer and electronics / printed circuits scrap.

Further Applications:

  • Component of solder pastes / fluxes
  • Adhesives production
  • Coatings
  • Dibutyl diglyme is used to formulate printing inks and inkjet inks
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Special Solvents Butyl Diglyme
MW: 218.3
CAS: 112-73-2
Special Solvents Butyl Diglyme